Best Indian food I have ever eaten

I have just returned this evening from this outstanding Restaurant in Honeypot Lane, Stanmore. My daughter had recommended it to us and we in turn told friends who like Indian cuisine, so they joined us for a meal tonight. My daughter said you have to book on a Saturday and that it was quite noisy and she was right. But to be fair it is quite large so with lots of tables of people it is bound to be noisy.

The menu was quite large and I liked the fact that they laid out vegetarian starters and explained everything in detail so you knew exactly what you were getting.

The portion of steamed rice was very large and four of us had 3 bowls of this plus one bowl of Pilau. One bowl of steamed rice would have been plenty.

I also liked the poppadoms as they were grease and oil free and lovely and crispy.
The food itself was very tasty but very spicy and although I myself are not keen on spicy food it was delicious.
I started with a Non-alcoholic Strawberry Mohito served in a kilner jar which was very refreshing. There were plenty variations of these drinks. I then had fried vegetable balls in a dry sauce which were delicious, then Tandoori Chicken which was the nicest dish I have eaten over the years going to various Indian style restaurants. Nothing I ate was greasy or oily.
We were so full we didn’t have dessert.
Lovely evening and would go again.

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